Jr. Scientists in the Sea


Tara Burt

Family Liaison

Born in Southern California, Tara was raised to have a deep love and respect for the ocean. She moved to Colorado as a young child where her initial affinity for nature blossomed. Growing to adulthood at the base of Pikes Peak, Tara was able to take advantage of the many outdoor activities and adventures for which the area is known.

She attended Colorado State University where she was exposed to the standard classes and internships. But, ultimately she saw her future far away – she was bitten by the travel-bug. Finding herself enjoying that travel more than she ever thought she would lead to a 15-year career as a real estate appraiser. Appraising her way through the southern states, she landed in Florida.

Tara Burt
As Florida became her permanent home, Tara was able to reassert her love for the beach, ocean, and the environment. As a true ocean-girl, she settled down, got married, and began a family of her own. She traded her appraisal business for running PTA committees, writing and submitting grants for her children’s schools, and working in her community to support activities for children with special needs.

Tara is the mother of a special-needs daughter and has been able to adapt to both of her children’s unique educational journeys. From public schools, to private institutions, to homeschooling, she has persevered and adapted. Today, Tara is not only an active homeschool parent but leads other co-op families and facilitates specialized field trips.

As family beach trips turned into homeschool educational outings, her son became emersed in the world of Scuba – and all that it entails. Supporting youth Scuba diving has evolved into a family affair, which combines her love of the ocean with her administrative, logistical, and organizational skills.

Tara is very proud to be affiliated with the Jr Scientists in the Sea.